Field Reclamation

reclaim land Reclamation with powered equipment is a fairly newer method in NJ, as burning was the principal method. In the early 1980’s research on mechanized mowing techniques demonstrated that when reclamation with powered equipment is done properly, it can be more effective than burning. Mowing or mulching with powered equipment costs less and will increase the volume of organic matter returning to the fertile soil.

The implementation of specialized equipment offers a more economical approach to opening up unused fields, or areas that have not been groomed or utilized for some time. Areas in the NJ Pinelands Preserve require submissions of plans to the Pinelands Committee for permits and approvals prior to starting any work. Choose a company that understands the requirements and restrictions of working in the preserve areas.

Field Mowing / Mulching

Field Mowing Mowing and mulching of an established field is just another way to remove the blueberry stem growth which stimulates the plant to put out new shoots from the rhizome. Mulching mowers tend to be well suited for this as they continuously recut and break down the vegetation being removed. The configuration of the blades creates a vacuum effect: along with a well-trained operator, the old plants can be cut into a finer mulch that produces nutrients that can be returned to the soil. Flailing mowers work well but do not cut the unwanted vegetation into very small pieces preventing rapid breakdown, and are generally harder to rake clean where desired.

Site Preparation / Lot or Field Clearing

Lot ClearingLot Clearing

Site preparation is one of the most overlooked aspects in the reclamation or development of a piece of property. Most companies will roll onto the site with heavy equipment. At Pagodin’s, we utilize eco-friendly methods with specialized equipment that minimize damage to trees and vegetation that are not in the work areas while achieving the same desired results. We utilize highly skilled operators that can selectively remove the undesired material without devastating the surroundings.

Cutting Access Roads

Cutting Access RoadFarms, forests and large lots all have one issue: lack of access to some areas on the property. Let us evaluate your access needs and we can cut, clear and rough grade access roads or pathways through wooded or overgrown areas on you property. Cutting the trees is only one aspect, knowing where and how to properly grade it and understanding its use is quintessential. Access roads can also provide fire protection when done properly. Whether it is 50 feet, or over a mile, we have the equipment, skill and knowledge to help you with all of your project needs.

Hedgerow Maintenance

Hedgerow MaintenanceHedge rows or buffers are used to delineate large areas of farms or large open land tracts. The hedge rows often provide wind buffering, drainage areas and shelter for wildlife. Maintenance of the hedgerows is necessary to prevent overgrowth in the drainage areas or preventing overgrowth into the tillable section of land causing undesired vegetation. Hedge rows should be frequently trimmed during the first (5) five years to ensure dense structure, then subsequent trimming should be performed about every (3) years. Hedgerow Maintenance